Julia and Keith Shop for Standout Wedding Gifts

The summer wedding season may be winding down, but at Reed Smythe we like to be prepared with memorable gifts all year round. Below, Julia and Keith think outside the box -- and the registry -- to come up with choices new couples are sure to cherish.

Catfish Jigger

My dear, dear friend (and super talented jeweler) Helen Bransford originally designed these jiggers as gifts for the groomsmen in a wedding I ended up calling off. Finally, they’ve been given life at Reed Smythe, where they are among my favorite objets to give new couples who forged ahead and tied the knot! -JR


 Hand cast sterling silver Catfish Jigger

Clear Wine Goblets

These wine glasses (brand new on the site) are my new go-to wedding gift. It's so hard to find pretty wine glasses, much less glasses that stand the test of time (and the dishwasher). I'm pretty sure that within a year of our wedding, Jon and I had broken nearly every one of the heavy crystal wine glasses we got from various maiden aunts. These are so gorgeous and so practical at the same time. -KM


 Clear Glass Wine Goblets

Medium Copper Tray

Margot Shaw, editor-in-chief of Flower magazine recently bought one of these as a wedding present and since Margot has infallible taste, I’ve decided to follow suit. I love this versatile tray pretty much everywhere: on a bar with glasses and/or bottles; in the kitchen to organize oils, vinegars, salts, whatever; outside with a pitcher of something cool and a bucket of ice. I’ve even used it to stack books on an ottoman. Definitely not one of those all-too-ubiquitous wedding gifts that gets shoved in a closet for the duration. -JR


 Handmade copper trays, available in medium and large sizes

Sterling Silver Wishbone

I love giving newly-married friends our sterling silver wishbone for so many reasons. First, it is just plain gorgeous sitting on a dressing table or atop a favorite book. Second, it's unusual and will remind them of those sweet first days of marriage and the friends who love them and wish them happiness -- way more so than a plate or a fork from their wedding registry. Finally, I love that it is a symbol of good luck and wishes granted. Who wouldn't cherish that? -KM


 Hand cast sterling silver Wishbone

Hand-thrown Marble Wine Coolers by Christopher Spitzmiller from KRB

Kate Rheinstein Brodsky’s Upper East Side shop KRB stocks a kajillion gorgeous treasures, including these Spitzmiller wine coolers. They ensure that white and rose wines stay chilly on the table without making a drippy mess and the pretty colors will enhance almost any place setting. I love Kate and I adore Chris so it makes me doubly happy to share this gift. -JR


 Christopher Spitzmiller Marble Wine Coolers

Catfish Cachepot

Jon and I must have gotten at least 5 ice buckets of different sizes and shapes for our wedding, but they were all way too fussy (one was a glass affair from Tiffany with all sorts of etching and scrolled handles that was pretty awful and I'm sure very expensive). I wish someone had given us something as simple and versatile as our Catfish Cachepot, which is perfect for chilling wine on a summer evening in the garden and equally lovely as a cachepot for potted plants or orchids. Its high-low charm makes it cool and chic at the same time. -KM


 Metal Catfish Cachepot

Splatterware Serving Bowl from March

I love Italian splatterware and the super chic San Francisco shop March has an amazing collection in tons of color combos. This serving bowl is a perfect piece for couples to build their own collection around or to use as a one off. I love it for pastas and salads, but it's pretty enough to use as a centerpiece filled with fruit or vegetables. -JR


 Italian Splatterware Serving Bowl in Green on Cream from March

Table Linens from Cutter Brooks Shop

Just about any linens from Cutter Brooks Shop in Stow on the Wold in the Costwalds. Owned and curated by the brilliant Amanda Brooks, the shop (which we long to visit on our next trip to England) doesn't have a thing in it that we don't love, but we are particularly fond of the pretty napkins, placemats, and tablecloths. Plus, there are so many that would look especially beautiful with our rose, turquoise, and tortoise votives. -KM


 Hand Painted Table Linen from Cutter Brooks Shop
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